Disabled Kitchens

Disabled kitchens can also be Designer kitchens!

Who says special needs kitchens have to look like it? Look at this wonderful kitchen….

  • The oven is at appropriate wheel-chair friendly height, side hinged for easy access. Pull out landing-space under. Pyrolytic – no more cleaning!
  • A flat glass hotplate- easy to slide pots around. Induction cooking is safer and quicker than gas. Pocket doors reveal comfortable wheelchair space right under the cooking area
  • The rangehood is operated with a remote control, or an isolation switch at bench height
  • A tap with a retractable hose can be situated beside the sink.
  • Waste bins slide out electronically with just a nudge of the knee or a tap of the foot

Many other concealed features can be utilised to make a special-needs kitchen work as well as it looks!